About Us

Grey Lady Candle crafts high-quality candles that capture the essence of Nantucket. 

We believe that the details matter, and we are committed to creating the best candles possible, made responsibly, by women in our home state of Massachusetts, with the best materials available.

All candles are hand-crafted by artisan women. We never use artificial dyes, additives, enhancers, or paraffin in our candles. All candles are made locally here in Massachusetts. Candles are made using an all-natural blend of 100% coconut and soy wax.Candles are scented using non-toxic fragrance oils. Our wicks are made of natural wood; we never use lead or toxic wicks.

    We believe in making a difference. Our candles are all inspired by Nantucket and give back to the island we love. 

    We love what we're doing, and we're so grateful to share it with you. 

    With Love,

    The Grey Lady Team