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Grey Lady Candle



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Size:  Signature 15 Ounces
Scent: Fire + Smoke + Cobblestone
Burn Time: 100+ Hours (Signature, 15 Ounces)

Have you ever had a beer over a firepit? Bundled up on the beach next to a bonfire? Relaxed next to a roaring fire with some quiet snow outside? Fireside captivates just as a flame does, with notes of soft smoke, resting fire, and familiar cobblestone. This candle feels like a warm blanket, a glass of bourbon, and time spent with friends + family.  

All of our candles are hand-crafted locally by women in Massachusetts using a 100% all-natural luxurious blend of soy + coconut waxes for a smooth, clean, eco-friendly burn. We use 100% wood wicks certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), and handcrafted in the USA. Our candles are scented with responsibly sourced, premium, non-toxic fragrance oils. 

Our candles are free of artificial dyes, additives, enhancers, and paraffin. 

This candle was inspired by the magical sights and scents of Nantucket Island. 


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